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Chip Overview

CI1301, CI1302 and CI1303 are the new generation of high-performance neural network intelligent speech chips developed by Chipintelli. They integrate the brain neural network processor BNPU V3 and CPU core developed by Chipintelli. The main frequency of the system can reach 220MHz. SRAM up to 640KByte is built in, PMU power management unit and RC oscillator are integrated, dual channel high-performance low-power Audio Codec and multi-channel UART, IIC, IIS, PWM, GPIO, PDM and other peripheral control interfaces are integrated. The chip only needs a few peripheral devices such as resistors and capacitors to realize various hardware solutions of intelligent voice products, with high cost performance.

CI1301, CI1302 and CI1303 use industrial design standards, which have high environmental reliability. The chip’s operating temperature range is - 40 ° C to+85 ° C, which meets the MSL3 humidity sensitivity level, the 4K contact discharge test standard of IEC 61000-4-2, the FCC electromagnetic compatibility standard, and the ROHS and REACH environmental protection standards.

CI1301, CI1302 and CI1303 adopt the third-generation BNPU technology of Chipintelli. This technology supports DNN TDNN RNN CNN and other neural networks and parallel vector operations. It can realize voice recognition, voiceprint recognition, command word self-learning, voice detection and deep learning noise reduction, and has strong echo cancellation and environmental noise suppression capabilities. The chip solution also supports Chinese, English, Japanese and other global languages, and can be widely used in household appliances, lighting, toys, wearables, industry, automobiles and other product fields to achieve voice interaction and control and various intelligent voice solutions.

Please click☞CI1301 Chip DatasheetCI1302 Chip Datasheet and ☞CI1303 Chip Datasheet to download the complete chip Datasheet.

Table G-1 Chip Information

Chip model FLASH capacity RAM capacity Package information
CI1301 1MByte 640KByte SSOP24(8.6mm*6.0mm*1.64mm)
CI1302 2MByte 640KByte SSOP24(8.6mm*6.0mm*1.64mm)
CI1303 4MByte 640KByte SSOP24(8.6mm*6.0mm*1.64mm)

Note: The built-in Flash capacity of CI1303 chip is larger, which can support a larger capacity of neural network model and more broadcast functions. It has better noise reduction effect and supports the OTA upgrade function. CI1301 and CI1302 chips do not support the OTA upgrade function temporarily, and because of the Flash capacity, if it supports voice print recognition, it does not support voice recognition. If you want to support both voice print recognition and voice recognition, please use CI1303 chip

Some applicable product fields of CI1301, CI1302 and CI1303:

  • Smart home appliances

  • Smart toys

  • Intelligent lighting

  • Intelligent wearable

  • Intelligent industry

  • Smart car


Figure G-1 CI1303 Chip Application Block Diagram

The chip features are as follows:

  • Neural network processor BNPU V3

    • It adopts third-generation hardware BNPU technology, supports DNN TDNN RNN CNN and other neural networks and parallel vector operations, and can realize voice recognition, voiceprint recognition, command word self-learning, voice detection, deep learning noise reduction and other functions
  • CPU

    • 32-bit high-performance CPU, with the maximum operating frequency of 220MHz
    • 32 bit single cycle multiplier, supporting DSP expansion acceleration
  • Memory

    • Built in 640KB SRAM
    • Built in 512bit eFuse
    • Built in 1-4MB Flash
  • Audio interface

    • Built in high-performance low-power Audio Codec module, supporting dual ADC sampling and single DAC playback
    • Support Automatic Level Control (ALC) function
    • Support 8kHz/16kHz/24kHz/32kHz/44.1kHz/48kHz sampling rate
    • Support one IIS audio extension channel
    • Support one way PDM interface, which can interface with single or two digital MEMS microphones
  • Power management unit PMU

    • Built in 3 high-performance LDOs, no additional power supply chip is needed, and only a few resistance capacitance devices are needed in the periphery
    • Support 5V power supply direct input, minimum power supply range support 3.6V input, maximum support 5.5V input
  • Clock

    • Built in RC oscillator, also supports external crystal oscillator; Developers can choose to use built-in RC or external crystal as the clock source of the chip according to different application schemes

    • One 12bit SAR ADC input channel, sampling frequency up to 1MHz
    • ADC IO can be functionally multiplexed with digital GPIO
  • Peripherals and timers

    • 3-way UART interface, supporting up to 3M baud rate
    • One IIC interface, which can be extended by external IIC devices
    • 6-way PWM interface, lamp control and motor applications can be directly driven
    • Built in 4 groups of 32 bit timers
    • Built in 1 set of independent watchdog (IWDG)
    • Built in 1 set of window watchdog (WWDG)
  • GPIO

    • It supports 10 GPIO ports and can be used as the master IC
    • Interrupt function can be configured for each GPIO port, and all GPIO ports support up and down configuration
    • Some GPIOs support direct communication of wide voltage 5V level signals without external level conversion, but require external resistance pulled up to 5V
  • Software development support

    • It provides complete software development package, application scheme examples and online firmware production of voice development platform. For details, please visit:
  • Firmware burning and protection

    • Support UART upgrade and firmware protection
  • EMC and ESD

    • Good EMC design, supporting FCC standards
    • Internal ESD enhanced design can pass 4KV contact discharge test
  • ROHS and REACH

    • Adopt environment-friendly materials and support ROHS and REACH tests
  • Packaging and operating temperature range

    • Packaging form: SSOP24, the size is 8.6mm long, 6mm wide and 1.64mm high
    • Working ambient temperature: - 40 ℃ to 85 ℃